Sachi Wickramage

Sachi Wickramage | Co-Founder & COO - i4TGlobal | Jury Member & National Expert at UN World Summit Awards | Co-Founder FlipBeats | Co-Founder Expense Tracker 2.0 | Social Intrapreneur | Business Developer | Mobile App Strategist | HCI & UI/UX Consultant | Visiting Lecturer

Sachi Wickramage is a resilient believer in bringing sustainable change to the world, by committing to business ideas that have a purpose behind them and are not solely profit driven. His commitment to i4T Global reflects the same ideology, as he leads a global team of highly skilled professionals to deliver a revolutionary ecosystem aimed at Field Service Management (FSM), Strata and Real Estate sectors in Australia, UK & USA.

Sustainability Advocate | Keynote Speaker | Business Strategist | Startup Coach | Mentor | Consultant

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